SA hails late night lock-out laws

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South Australia has hailed the success of its late night lock-out laws for getting “drunken, aggressive louts” off Adelaide’s streets.


The laws allow for a 3am lock-out, preventing patrons who leave a pub or club after that time from entering another.

They also restrict the use of glassware, allow for the use of metal detectors and increased closed circuit video.

The new measures have been in place for six months and police have reported a 20 per cent fall in late night offences in the centre of the city.

Emergency admissions to hospitals for alcohol-related issues have also fallen by 29 per cent.

Attorney-General John Rau says the changes have proved a great success for public safety in Adelaide.

“What these figures show is that our crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence and related harm is working as intended,” Mr Rau said on Tuesday.

“A safer city is a good result for police and volunteers as they are dealing with fewer drunken, aggressive louts who put their safety at risk.”

Mr Rau has also rejected suggestions the tougher laws work against government efforts to boost the city’s nightlife through its vibrant Adelaide program and concerns the changes have prompted some venues to close, costing jobs.

He said there was nothing vibrant or attractive about a street full of drunks and claims of hundreds of businesses closing and workers heading to Melbourne were “just rubbish”.

“There’s no evidence to support that,” he said.

“What there has been is one or two particular traders whose business models have been built around an unsafe and unhealthy culture.”

Mr Rau said the government would review the new laws later this year and would take advice from key interest groups, including police and venue owners, on whether any further changes were required.

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