Campbell’s behaviour ‘dumbfounds’ Trunfio

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Australian model Nicole Trunfio admits she’s been reduced to tears by the behaviour of her fellow The Face mentor Naomi Campbell and has considered quitting the show.


Tuesday night’s episode of the Fox 8 reality modelling TV show featured a heated discussion between Trunfio and the notoriously fiery Campbell.

“Don’t compare yourself to me, ever,” Campbell said.

“You are not on my level Nicole, you never will be on my level, do not compare yourself to me,” she told Trunfio on episode 5.

Trunfio, whom Campbell accused of being disrespectful earlier in the year, said the clash wasn’t an act.

“It was pretty genuine .. she’s quite an authentic character in terms of .. her really sticking to what she believes in,” Trunfio told radio station KIIS 1065 on Wednesday morning.

During her chat with Kyle and Jackie O Trunfio on Wednesday morning the model admitted she was surprised by the tension between herself and Campbell.

“I’m kind of dumbfounded by it,” she said.

“I honestly don’t know where the tension came from, it was just there.”

While she’s remained strong on camera, Trunfio says she has questioned whether the show is worth the torment.

“I did have a really big cry to my dad in the very beginning,” she said.

“I was like `It’s not a good quality of life, I want to be with you, I should spend time with you, something that matters, I don’t want to do this’.

“We spoke about it .. and he was like `you’re not a quitter’.

“There were moments when it felt like it just wasn’t worth it.”

Trunfio says no discussions have been held about returning for a second season but said would consider another go if it fits into her busy schedule.

* The Face Australia airs on FOX8 on Tuesdays at 8.30PM (AEST)

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